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Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? You may be blocked if you misuse this feature! Sign in. Sony Vegas has templates and settings that I usually further tweak that best accommodate the render without having DVDA requiring any recompression.

Okay, here is where my question lies. I have footage from a Sony digital camera can\’t remember the model number because I don\’t have it anymore. I shot over an hour worth of footage from my cousin\’s wedding that I have edited to a finished project and would like to burn them to a Blu Ray to give my cousin.

Back to my question. Which render specs or template settings should I use that would best render from source footage with p and 29fps? The problems I\’m running into are the fact that none of the template or settings have anything at the same specs as what the source footage is.

The video files from this camera are p with a resolution of x , progressive. The frame rate is 29 fps. I\’ve tried several renders, but DVDA always wants to recompress. There is no 29fps option that DVDA would take. Seems I can only use 24fps, 50fps, or 59fps. Here is a link to an example file. It\’s 19 seconds, long enough to get the specs. I don\’t want to be prompted to recompress the video in DVDA when it could be done in Vegas like it should be. Thanks in advance. Back to post. Just render it as xp I don\’t think it will make any difference but you might want to disable resampling just to be certain.

Thank you, John. I was wondering if I should use the 60p or not. Also, I always disable resample when rendering from source files that are already from a compressed codec just to make sure there are no glitches.

Seems they only want to render as interlaced and not progressive. Which exact format would be best in my case? In this thread is a render template all configured for what your trying to do. I\’ve made hundreds of It works.

Don\’t fret over the recompress msg. Hi VideoITguy. Thank you for your response. Having DVDA render again is redundant and not necessary if it can be done right the first time in Vegas. And save time, too.

The issue is finding the right rendering specs in Vegas that DVDA will take without prompting to recompress. I know it can be done as John Cline and John Dennis is describing above. I will address both Johns in a moment in another post. As for the \”any legit Blu-ray spec\”, the issue with that is I want to use a spec that best matches the original source without changing the field order or resolution. It looks like I can do that, but will have to use a higher or lower framerate, because no Blu Ray specs use 30fps.

I think John Cline and John Dennis above have the right idea. Thank you, John Cline. I was thinking of those specs myself, but wanted to ask here to make sure. Looks like John Dennis also has the same idea and another thread to back it up with further information.

Will Sony AVC codec be fine? It looks like that\’s what John Dennis is doing. Thank you very much, John Dennis. I looked over that thread and it looks very helpful.

I was thinking of those specs, but wanted to make sure doubling the framerate is fine. I don\’t mind doing that so long as I can preserve the field order of progressive without interlacing the final project since the source is progressive and also preserving the scale and resolution of x without upscaling. I will read over that linked thread again and maybe do that search you suggested for more information before I render my project again.

Whatever the case may be, I will report my results here. Thanks again for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Technically, there is no field order in progressive video.

Also, xp is a completely legal Blu-ray spec and is also one of the formats for broadcast television. My recent experience with the \”Awesomefilmerdude\” made me realize that just doubling the frames from 30 to 60p isn\’t the best approach. You would think that slowing it down to half speed would be all that you would need to generate the missing temporal frames.

Theoretically that is the case, but it looked terrible. It makes no sense to have to generate twice as many frames then drop half them, but for some reason that I don\’t understand, doing exactly that looked better. Report as questionable. Cancel Send. Cancel OK.


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May 04,  · In this video CasualSavage will be showing you the best render settings for p HD quality! It\’s done in the video editing software called Sony Vegas Pro 13 Missing: free. Mar 08,  · I haven\’t used Vegas since I went to college and was taught to use Premier. Does Vegas have the H codec? This is honestly the best codec to render in. You lose very little quality when you export in this codec and the render time is relatively fast (for the quality of video you receive.) This was also the codec I was taught to use in college. Jun 03,  · Free Sony Vegas Pro Sony Vegas Pro 13 is full-featured video editing software for Windows, designed for professionals or those, who want to produce high-quality HD videos. It has many features similar to such outstanding programs as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Nevertheless, Vegas Pro 13 has a unique workflow that is different from Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

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