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Page content loaded. If you’re unsure what preference settings do, take a look at the manual I’m trying to remember but I think this may happen when you have a plugin on the master bus that uses look-ahead technology.

The only thing currently on the master bus is the Adaptive Limiter Lookahead set to 50ms. Thanks for the help I really appreciate your input. I turned off the Adaptive Limiter and the problem seems to be resolved. I had a feeling it was a bug with Logic Better that than my interface I suppose. Thank you so much for the advice! Hopefully Logic addresses the issue soon. Follow the link I posted, read what all the preferences settings do, it can be very helpful in understanding all of Logic’s behavior.

My plugin latency compensation is set to ‘All’. Should I move it to ‘software and instrument tracks’ only? You see, I previously understood all this info regarding Low Latency. What I read in the manual link you posted only backed up what I already know. What’s confusing me is why it responds the way it does specifically with plugins using ‘lookahead’ on the master bus. Also why wouldn’t I have to turn off Low Latency after recording a region?

Otherwise wouldn’t I not be able to hear those plugins it bypassed? The ones that show up in yellow when LLM is toggled. Aug 5, AM. Aug 5, AM in response to jaydoob In response to jaydoob Plug-in-latency Compensation should be set to ALL only after you’ve finished recording, otherwise it should be set to Software and Instrument tracks.

It used to be that Low Latency mode was only active during recording, even though the plugins show up yellow the low-latency function is not active. I’m on Logic 9 as I see no reason to upgrade so it may have changed and I could be wrong about that, I will need to check my system. That’s quite alright!

I really appreciate the tips about lookahead and plug-in latency compensation. They seem to have solved my problem. Aug 5, PM. Communities Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: jaydoob jaydoob More Less. Reply I have this question too 43 I have this question too Me too 43 Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. When recording audio or playing a software instrument in Logic Pro, you might experience a slight delay between playing or singing a note and when you hear the sound from your speakers or headphones.

This delay is called input monitoring latency. A variety of factors contribute to input monitoring latency, including:. You can also manage latency caused by plug-ins using Low Latency Mode while recording. Set the sample rate for your project when you first create it. Higher sample rates result in less input monitoring latency. However, projects with higher sample rates create larger audio files, which can increase the load on the processor and the disk of your Mac.

Plug-ins also require more processing power at higher sample rates. However, smaller buffer sizes require more processing power, which can cause system overload alerts. Roundtrip latency is the total amount of input monitoring latency you’ll experience from audio input to audio output. Certain plug-ins can contribute to input monitoring latency, particularly dynamics plug-ins with look-ahead functions. If you’re using these kinds of plug-ins in a project, you can minimize the latency they produce while recording using Low Latency Mode.

Low Latency Mode bypasses plug-ins as needed, so the amount of latency doesn’t exceed the Limit setting in the Plug-in Latency section of the General Audio preferences of Logic Pro.



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(2) When I have UAD plugins in the session if I press play in Logic Pro instead of and this is how I’ve been able to play my guitar, latency-free. Adjust buffer size in Pro Tools by following the steps below. Go to the Setup tab and click Playback Engine. Choose the buffer size from the. High Quality Network Audio Streaming. SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the.


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