CF Shingle

Shingle style with Concealed Fastening technology

Our CF Shingle has been specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles but without the inherent ongoing issues that many home owners face. This low profile Stone Coated Steel panel, comes with patterns of shading and colours that reflect the popular styles but with the bonus of a far superior serviceable life. With our world-first fully Concealed Fastening (CF) system, screws are completely hidden from sight and the elements, delivering the ultimate combination of beauty and weathertightness. Our unique design allows us to overlay our CF Shingle products over existing Asphalt Shingles roofs.

Charcoal Blend


Weathered Wood

Product Specifications


Overall Length1335 mm
Length of cover1260 mm
Width of cover370 mm
Roof cover /Tile0.46 m
Tiles /m22.15
Weight /Tile3.5 kg
Weight /m27.5 kg
Minimum roof pitch15 degrees