We have done several Projects and several ongoing projects , which would be shown on this page

Featured Project

Woodwork for Roofing Sheet

We make the woodwork frame for both stone coated roofing sheet as well as Aluminum roofing sheet e.g Long span, metcoppo etc. checkout our EXCELLENT ROOF WOOD WORK. We bring out the beauty in the structure by bringing out every designs in the building ( ridges and gutter)WE have the best carpenters and ROOFERS couple with our great standard roofing sheets

Ongoing Woodwork for projections before the installation of the Roof, We Install both Aluminum and Stone Coated Roofs depending on our Clients

Aluminium Windows

ACS Roofing is a leading group in the Nigerian market of Windows development, production, and marketing of aluminium and glass systems (windows, doors, shower stalls, partitions, etc.) for the construction, fabrication and industry markets both in the local market and exportation

After Storm Damage


We also offer Re-roofing service for houses who had their initial roof destroyed

Water Collector

We install WATER COLLECTOR for the collection of water from the roof top to avoid breakage on house walls, fences and damages of paving stones.

Aluminum Roofing Sheet

We offer Aluminium Roofing Service , We produce and also Install Aluminium Roofs by our well seasoned experts